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We are a leading manufacturer of wooden pallets based in Adelaide's northern suburbs. Manufactured from pine grown in sustainable forests here in SA, we have a range of standard pallets or we can custom design and manufacture in various sizes and weights. In fact we specialise in "one-off" jobs of this nature because our manufacturing process means each product receives our full attention to detail.

Listed below are examples of our product range and we are able to manufacture to your own specialised requirements, whether that's to assist you to reduce your shipping costs or catering for large products.

Export Pallets

Export pallets must be either fumigated or heat treated to the approved standard and then stamped or branded by an approved organization. They also come with a certificate of compliance for your peace of mind. We can arrange these services on our premises before the pallets are delivered. Export pallets are usually "one way" and we work with our clients to reduce cost and weight and still economically fit containers.

Brick and Paver Pallets

Brick and paver pallets are intended for multiple use and must be made from pine to avoid the pallet staining the shipped product. The pallets are custom sized to the product and then painted and stencilled for the client.


"4 way" Pallets

4 Way pallets provide flexibility as the forklift can approach from any of the sides. Useful in tight locations and also for loading shipping containers.


Hay/Lucerne Pallets

Hay / Lucerne pallets are typically the depth of the truck and vary in width up to 2340 (8'). The thickness and number of boards on the pallets vary by client but these are generally heavy duty pallets made for lifting and storing heavy weights over a long period.


Local Storage & Transport Pallets

If you are currently renting a blue or red pallet, give thought to investing in your own pallets that can be configured to your needs and then we can paint and stencil the pallets for your branding. This is a great opportunity for additional marketing and brand exposure and the cost of rent vs. buy may surprise you - give us a call to discuss.


2 long pallets built to support steel balustrades being shipped interstate