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We are a leading manufacturer of wooden fruit and vegetable bins based in Adelaide's northern suburbs. We custom design and manufacture a wide range of bins for all your produce needs, in various sizes and weights. Listed below are examples of our product range and we are able to manufacture to your own specific requirements, whether that's to assist you to reduce your shipping costs or catering for specialised products.

Large Bins

We make a range of large bins for cabbages, caulis, lettuces and other large vegetables and fruit. We make variations with different board thicknesses and gaps on the sides. Why use wood and not cardboard? The wooden bin lasts for years, holds more weight and most importantly they can be kept in the cool room and kept moist.

large_produce_bin large_gbw_bin

Large open produce bins - gaps allow easy washing and for the produce to breathe


Large Fruit Shop Display bin - with sunken 'lid' you can display produce without it slipping off the side
(typically measure 1mx1mx1m but can be made to suit your space)


Large fruit shop display bin with open back for storage


Flat-Pack Bins

With a growing number of clients from interstate, our construction engineers have designed a new bin that can transport as a flat-pack to significantly reduce freight costs. Once at the other end, follow the easy step by step instructions using a drill to put the screws into the pre-drilled holes. These can be constructed as open bins or display bins with the sunken lid/false floor.

Flat pack bin laid out Flat pack bin screw together

Small Boxes

Our new division, Li'l Boxes makes small boxes suitable for fruit and veg transport and/or display. Two of the more popular designs are "Tomato half cases" measuring 480x210x150 and "Lettuce" crates measuring 560x370x300. To view the full range of options available please visit the Li'l Boxes website.


Lettuce crates (open on left, closed on right) with Tomato case in front

Shop Displays

Li'l Boxes also has a range of boxes that are ideal for shop displays, particularly if you are looking for an organic, rustic feel for your shop or products. In addition to their natural beauty they are durable and mobile, making them ideal to use as hampers as well! To view the full range of options, please visit the Li'l Boxes website.

fruit_display_traysshop display

Fruit Display trays on left. Supermarket display using lettuce crates on right.