Terms of Trade

The following sets out the terms of trade for Northern Pallets & Crates and Li’l Boxes.
By issuing a Purchase Order or sending an e-mail for the purchase of goods and/or services, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Trade.

Goods and/or Service

Our range of standard products are listed on our website with specifications and dimensions.
For custom products or services a quote will be provided which will clearly specify the makeup and dimensions of the product to be built. In some cases this will include picture diagrams.
By accepting the quote we deem that you have checked the specifications carefully and that, unless otherwise advised, they are correct.
If possible we will provide you with a fixed price quote for your goods and/or services. In circumstances where client specifications are changed during the production of the job or provision of the service, or when the cost of raw materials or third party sourced material is increased beyond our control, we reserve the right to amend the price as required. All quotes are good for a period of 30 days.
Our prices are exclusive of GST unless otherwise indicated.


Delivery of your goods will be provided by a third party courier per your request.
Freight costs included on your invoice are an estimate based on the advice of the third party courier transporting your goods.
Factors outside our control can result in the delivery cost charged being higher than the cost quoted (including but not limited to waiting time for unload or extra assistance needed to unload). If this is the case, we reserve the right to recover those extra charges.


First time customers will be treated as Cash Sales and payment of 50%-100%, depending upon the product, will be required prior to the production and supply of goods. Payment is accepted by credit card or EFT.
Customers who wish to purchase from us on an ongoing basis are welcome to apply for payment terms.
All accounts are to be settled in full per the payment terms stated on the invoice.
Should you default on any payments per the agreement we expect you to correspond with us as to why the account is not paid. If we contact you and do not hear back from you, all monies owed will become due within 7 days of our request for payment. We reserve the right to charge interest on the unpaid amount calculated on a daily basis from the due date until the payment is received at a rate of 2% per month.
Repeated offences of unpaid invoices will result in your account being suspended until payment is received.
If after repeated efforts to recover the outstanding amount, it remains unpaid, we will refer the debt to a recovery agency. Once a debt has been referred to a recovery agency, you will become liable for all costs incurred by us in pursuing the debt.


Title & Risk

Risk passes to you on delivery. All goods remain our property until they are paid in full. If you fail to pay according to the agreed payment terms we reserve the right to take repossession of goods. All costs of repossession of goods will be at the expense of the customer. Such rights will be without prejudice to our right to claim damages from your breach of contract.


Any diagrams provided by us in the process of quoting and supplying products remain the property of Northern Pallets & Crates / Li’l Boxes and cannot be provided to our competitors.
Custom designs for customers may be replicated for other customers from time to time, unless specifically requested otherwise.  
We agree to repair/replace any defective goods within a ‘reasonable’ period providing that the defect is in the materials or in the workmanship of the goods. For damages to goods that have occurred after the client has taken ownership of them, we are not responsible. We can quote to repair your damages at your cost.
Any amendments to these Terms will only be published via our website. (
Version 1 –November 2016